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Small Group Workshops

Workshops, held in residential care facilities, are tailored to specific needs. They are open to health care providers, professional and volunteer caregivers, facility staff members, hospice team members, home health aids or companions, massage practitioners, and anyone else interested in learning more about how to utilize touch in a way that comes "from the heart through the hands" and in developing communication and relating skills that enhance caregiving situations for both giver and receiver.

Those who have taken workshops from Dawn
in a variety of formats respond:

Thank you for the wonderful, life enriching experience your recent workshop gave me. I appreciated the written hand-outs, the role playing and the dyad exercises which allowed me to get out of my comfort zone so to speak, not only to express my own thoughts but to really open up to listening. I feel especially fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the elderly residents at the Assisted Living community during your recent workshop in Walnut Creek, and I definitely want to do more of this work!
Certified Acupressure Practitioner, Kensington, CA

Your workshop gave me much more than new and useful information. It gave me a new model for relating, not just to the sick and the frail, but to everyone I care about.
Certified Nursing Assistant, Framingham, Massachusetts

Exceeded my expectations on all levels. This was one of the best Seminars I’ve ever taken!
Massage Therapist, Glendale, Florida

I took away from the workshop the knowledge and incentive to begin a program in the senior residential communities I am connected with. Dawn is the premier expert in this subject for massage practitioners. It was an honor to be able to study with and learn from her.
Anonymous evaluation, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for being such a valuable source of insight for so many of us. I consider you among those who have had a significant positive impact both on my life and on my newly assigned role at Carewest.
Chaplain, Calgary, Canada

This training inspired me to change the way I interact with my residents. Some of them are much more cooperative now, and I feel less stressed at work.
Certified Nursing Assistant, Medford, Oregon workshop

I feel your workshop is the missing piece in our massage education! The role-playing was challenging yet critically important as a prelude to our sessions in the nursing home — a highlight of the workshop.
Anonymous evaluation, Scottsdale, Arizona

I really “got” the difference between what you are teaching and geriatric or hospice massage. This training was a peak experience for me. I know it will change the course of my work and all of my relationships.
Anonymous evaluation, Eugene, Oregon

I came because we were required to take it but I myself loved the workshop and would give it an A+. . . The instructor gave clear and thorough explanations, excellent demonstrations and she answered all of our questions. . . The techniques we learned and practiced will help our residents. I would recommend this kind of training for all health care professionals!
Anonymous evaluations, Wexler Heritage Village/Columbus, Ohio


Dawn is not currently organizing new workshops.
If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop in your area Contact Dawn.