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Dawn’s Books

From the Heart Through the Hands:
The Power of Touch in Caregiving
Findhorn Press, Inc., Scotland, 2001
2nd ed., 2006
3rd ed., 2009

Great book! Touching, useful, informative, I would definitely get this book to read for your massage practice. It opened my eyes to some very touching situations, hope you like it as much as I did.
Julie France

This is an engaging and thoughtful examination of the importance of human touch by caregivers in the lives of people with decreased mobility. Most of us will face a point in our lives where we will need to be cared for or care for someone else and this book is an invaluable guide to read.
S. Regan

Dawn’s book is a treasure that every caregiver and health professional should read!
Bernie Siegel, M.D. author
Love, Medicine and Miracles and other books

This beautiful book captures the soul of touch. In my work as a massage therapist with hospice and elderly patients, I return to it again and again. . . But more than this; it deepens my practice with all clients; and resonates with the very best of me, enriching all my relationships.
Robert T. Parker, massage therapist

I was looking for a book that would work as a possible text book in my teaching of 'Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill' and this book far exceeded my expectations. This is so worth the read for everyone!!!!
David E. Dowdy, Bakersfield, California

Purchase from,, Findhorn Press or Contact Dawn
to order a signed copy.

Making Friends with Cancer
(Findhorn Press, Inc. Scotland, 2000)

What a great gift. This work speaks directly to my feelings and will do so to any who find themselves in the inevitable confrontation with our own mortality. . .
Helen Palmer, author: The Enneagram and other books

Dawn’s book is utterly personal and sober at the same time. It speaks to the heart and the mind. It lets the ones with cancer know there is someone out there knowing what they are gong through, and what can be done to support the natural tendency to self-healing.
Wolf Buntig, MD, founder ZIST, Penzberg, Germany

Dawn's inspiring book is a testimony to the human capacity for wisdom and compassion.
Dr. Ken Tanaka, Professor of Buddhist Studies
Musashino Joshi University, Tokyo

Contact Dawn to buy a signed copy or order through

The German publication under the title Freundschaft Schliessen Mit Krebs
can sometimes be found on

Compassionate Touch: Hands-On Caregiving for the Elderly the Ill and the Dying
(Station Hill Press, NY, 1994)

Here are the tools for revolutionizing geriatric care and utterly transforming the experience of aging in America.
Dean Juhan, author: Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork

The author’s depth of experience as a healer and meditator shines throughout. Along with books such as How Can I Help by Ram Dass and Healing Into Life and Death by Stephen Levine . . .this book leads to a greater understanding of life, death and the true meaning of healing.
Karen Buhler, M.D., Vancouver, B.C.

Contact Dawn to buy a signed copy of this out of print book or search for used copies at

The German publication under the title
Die Draft der heilsamen Beruhrung umsorgen can sometimes be found on

Therapeutic Massage in Facility Care: Benefits, Effects, and Implementations

Currently being updated. Contact Dawn.

“An idea whose time has come!” This book contains everything needed for a successful integration of specialized massage programs into care facility environments and will surely be a much appreciated resource in the health care industry.
Tom Jones, Unit Director/ManorCare Health Services

Dawn’s DVD Programs

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Compassionate Touch: Benefits and Effects in Alzheimer's Care

*Note: Currently Out of Stock

This video will touch your heart and mind. It is a tender yet realistic education of the Alzheimer's world and those who care for them. It is a MUST SEE for any massage therapist who wants to work with the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
Jeannie Fitzgerald, LMT

This award-winning program illustrates beautifully the kind of relating that is most needed for mentally frail residents of care facilities!
Mary MacMaster, LVN, Care Facility Director

. . .a valuable and inspirational tool for educators, professional caregivers, family members and volunteers!"
Joan Larsen, Respite Center Director

(Note: Contact Dawn if interested in free video tapes of this Program.)

Contact Dawn for A Study Guide, for use in conjunction with the above DVD for in-service trainings.

Compassionate Touch: Benefits and Effects in Long Term Care

I was impressed with how this video included the REAL world for both the residents and the staff in a nursing home. No matter what the circumstances, compassionate touch was used successfully in relating to persons with dementia. It seemed to quiet and soothe them.
Kevin Barnes, LMT

Gives a glimpse into daily life for those confined in care facilities and shows the power of touch to enhance their lives. A wonderful resource for both massage and health care professionals.
Chris Bailey, CMT

This program has been extremely useful to me in consulting with health care institutions. I highly recommend it for massage school curriculums and for individuals interested in working with the elderly and the ill.
Marian Williams, RN, CMT

(Note: Dawn's popular 10-minute program, The Power of Touch in Facility Care is included as a BONUS on the above DVD.

Your 10-minute Power of Touch in Facility Care video does a wonderful job, of explaining the importance of massage in addressing the failure to thrive syndrome in the elderly. When I showed this video at a facility where I offer geriatric massage, six of the seven family members present signed up their family member immediately.
Janet McPherson, RN, LMT, Niagara Falls, New York

Articles by Dawn

Dawn has published numerous articles in Massage and Bodywork Quarterly, Massage Magazine, and Massage Therapy Journal.

The articles below can currently be found on the Internet. (Click on the title to directly access an article.)

Growing Old with Massage (originally published in Feb./March 2001 under the title Masage in Facility Care)

Massage in Hospice (originally published in March 2002)

The Power of Human Touch in Alzheimer's Care (originally published in Fall 2004)

The Power of Touch (p. 25, Fall 2010 Issue of care ADvantage magazine)

Contact Dawn for a complete list of her articles or to request more information.

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Dawn and Emil Zuberbueler co-authored the Massage Section of: Complementary Therapies in End-of-Life Care (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization). This 96-page handbook, which comes in three-ring binder form with easy to use tabs for the seven complementary therapies described, is part of NHPCO's Professional Development and Resource Series.