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One-On-One Training

Private training is available for anyone who wishes to travel to northern California to study with Dawn. Low-cost lodging with breakfast and transportation to training sites is available for out of town students when needed.

Contact Dawn for details.

Participants have said:

Thank you again for making your time available to me during my visit to California and for all your efforts on my behalf. Your input during the days we spent together was truly affirming for me in my work in oncology, palliative and hospice massage care, and also at a personal level. I will keep you posted on how things unfold. . .
Christine Lambrechts, Remedial Massage Therapist,
Hobart (Tasmania), Australia

It was well worth a trip across the US to take my advanced training course with Dawn and to receive her full attention for four days. The on-site clinical practice was invaluable as was Dawn’s experience, insights and feedback.
Leah Anderson, Groton, Massachusetts

I am really glad I was able to fly in and take the workshop. There was so much to absorb so I feel very fortunate to have been able to receive the training in this way.
Sherry Kenworthy, Salt Lake City, Utah

I thank Dawn very much for giving me a chance for such a wonderful training. I enjoyed meeting and listening to the residents at the nursing home. I learned much from them and from Dawn. I would like to spread this type of healing touch all over Japan!
Yukako Iino, Tokyo, Japan