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FROM THE HEART THROUGH THE HANDS is an evolution of the work Dawn began in 1991 when she created COMPASSIONATE TOUCH for Those in Later Life Stages™ as an outreach Program for the elderly, the ill and the dying. Her unique modality has proven especially effective as an adjunct therapy in Alzheimer's and dementia care, hospice care and in nursing home settings. Practitioners trained by Dawn include her pioneering work in their private practices, in nursing facilities and in hospice organizations across the U.S. Some have incorporated the key concepts and principles of the training into their jobs as chaplains, activity coordinators, geriatric physicians or specialists who work with autistic and disabled children. Others utilize the training in professional, volunteer or family caregiving roles or in combination with other healing art forms.

FROM THE HEART THROUGH THE HANDS offers support to both individuals and families. In addition to Compassionate Touch sessions, FROM THE HEART THROUGH THE HANDS offers consultations for anyone coping with a challenging diagnosis, for family members feeling overwhelmed by escalating needs of aging or ill parents, and those unable to spend as much time as they would like to with a loved one. Services include:

  • individual or family consultation
  • surrogate visitation
  • communication counseling or mediation
  • representation at care plan or other meetings
  • stress reduction and grief counseling

FROM THE HEART THROUGH THE HANDS training sessions and workshops teach basic communication and skilled touch techniques designed to improve communication, promote positive interactions, enhance relationships and ease caregiver stress. Training is available in a variety of formats for professional, volunteer and family caregivers. In addition to skill building, Dawn's work emphasizes self-awareness and the cultivation of compassionate presence.

Dawn Nelson is that rare practitioner who lives what she teaches, which makes learning "From the Heart through the Hands" so exciting and easy. In our current healthcare climate of rushed services without much personal contact, "From the Heart through the Hands" teaches healthcare practitioners to recognize and leverage the linchpin moments that will change the lives of those whom they serve, as well as their own, forever.

~ Stephan Betz, Ph.D., MT-BC, CGP

I have known Dawn for over 25 years as a dedicated teacher, mentor and facilitator of graceful, compassionate care for the elderly, the ill and the dying. She continues to inspire me to move forward in my own work with compassion and confidence. Dawn listens deeply and she walks her talk. Her knowledge, wisdom and professional skills combined with her personal life experiences make Dawn a unique and invaluable resource for those coping with aging, illness and transitions or for families in crisis.

~ Willow Denker, LMT; CNA
Massage Therapist/Hospice

When my Dad was at a nursing home and dealing with multiple physical illnesses, feelings of loss of control and isolation, Dawn helped both him and our family by visiting when we couldn't. She is compassionate and knowledgeable about end of life issues and we all were very, very grateful for her ability to fill in for us, and for her nurturing emotional support at a difficult time.
~ Debbie Rosen-Kanofsky, Lac

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© 2011 Dawn Nelson
Music by Will Tuttle